“This one book addresses all of the key concerns about retirement. Anyone who wants a prosperous retirement should read it!”
- Jack Canfield, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Vastly insightful. Full of solid, clear ideas.”

- Edwin J. Pittock, CSA, President of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors
How Millionaires Stay Rich Forever is a personal finance guide by certified public accountant and financial columnist J. M. Trippon that teaches non-specialist general readers about the financial retirement techniques that the wealthy in our country rely upon to guarantee that their golden years will be free of monetary worries. Based on real case studies and client interviews, How Millionaires Stay Rich Forever is a treasure trove of fiscal knowledge that will directly translate into conserving and enhancing on-going monetary wealth for anyone regardless of their current income level.”
- Midwest Book Review
Stay Rich Forever -- Superb! This is an easy and must read for anyone planning to accumulate substantial wealth or looking to ensure their wealth is sufficient for retirement. The book is very helpful and well written.”
- G. Bernhardt
“Full of substance, not fluff! Every page delivers something of substance, no filler like a lot of the other financial planning books out there. Jim presents case studies that dissect financial strategies of real millionaires to make Stay Rich Forever an invaluable resource - if you want to be successful, follow in the footsteps of successful people!”
- A reader
“What a great resource! I am getting my finances back on track by using these techniques. I bought Trippon's book after reading about it in the Midwest Book Review (a library book review service) which gave this book a 5 star rating. I learned more about money in the first hour with this book than in four years in college. It saved me a fortune on my Will by teaching me what questions to ask a lawyer up front. Trippon is a CPA who advises some of America's wealthiest families and he clearly knows his stuff. He exposes how to avoid getting ripped off by investment scams and how to check your investment advisors background. My advice is if you want to get ahead financially...read this book!”
- Frank Berringer

“What I really love about the book is that it gives practical specific advice on how to adopt the "money habits" of self made millionaires. For example, it shows you how to find money in your budget to start your personal investment program. It also shows you how to select and monitor investments without using an investment advisor. If your investments make money, it explains how to minimize your income taxes on your gains. I found the checklists that go through the steps along the process very helpful and easy to follow. I do not use an investment advisor and I did not get the impression the author was pushing the reader to use paid advisors. But...I found it interesting that the book explains what questions to ask before hiring an advisor and how to check up on an investment advisor's background using free on-line data sources. From reading this book I gained tremendous insight on my money and how to make it grow. This is an excellent book that I highly recommend!”

- Bob Johnson

“Only in America could you get such distilled wisdom in a book for under $20! Jim Trippon has hit a nerve with his honest, to-the-point style of writing. As you read what he's written, it's very obvious that he's talking from his experience of actually working on a daily basis with millionaires. You don't get to be a millionaire and STAY one without being aware of the fundamental principles of finance and money. This book will never go "out of style" because it’s based on principles, not fads. Buy it today, read it and put it on your reference shelf for your future reference - that's how useful it is.”

- A reader
“I saw Mr. Trippon on CNBC News on January 22, 2004 and was so impressed with his knowledge of the subject and his answers to the two people who called in with questions regarding finance that I bought his book. After reading it, I was very satisfied that finally someone wrote a book that I was able to comprehend. It was written in an intelligent way that anyone could understand, without being a rocket scientist. The information is extremely well written and easy to comprehend. Anyone who is not familiar with finance, Wills, trusts and retirement necessities should read it.”

- Carol Ann

“Love it! This book is like a primer for all of us that don't have a business degree and need practical advice. I enjoyed the book thoroughly, and highly recommend it!”

- A reader

“Simply a great book. Mr. Trippon has simply distilled something that can be very difficult to grasp into something that I could easily wrap my hands around. This book is easy to read and full of great and useful content. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to create an abundant financial future. I gladly give 5 stars.”

- Anthony Avilez

How Millionaires Stay Rich Forever - Retirement planning secrets of millionaires and how they can work for you!

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